The Syndication Situation



What is the Syndication Situation?

The Syndication Situation is a place for education and collaboration for all areas of Real estate investing from single family to large commercial multifamilies. We will have candid conversations about what is needed and what it takes to realize joyful success in the real estate space; from your mindset, to your money, to your methods.
We are three women in very different stages of life that have come together based on mutually aligned values of integrity, community improvement, and care for others, the foundation on which ,our real estate investment businesses are based.
– Tonya Oliver is a sophisticated senior taking a lifetime of experiences and putting them toward improving communities and creating generational wealth for her children and future generations.
– Ryan Spikes is a motivated middle-aged mom of 4. She has had a real estate investing “hobby” for 12 years and has recently turned that into a full time business with a goal to improve her communities, set an example for her kids, and teach others to create wealth in real estate.
– Raven Irby is a young professional that is working on defining her life on her terms and setting a stage for her future family.

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